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IQ test
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IQ test

On the pages of our website you will find a large comprehensive IQ test designed for determination of mental abilities and IQ. The test set consists of three different tests:
  • Intelligence test - it assesses potential abilities of your brain
  • IQ test (Eysenck test) - traditional IQ test (determining intelligence quotient level)
  • Logic test - this one is used to determine dominant logical relation, their strength and level of abstract thinking.

    The test contains about 300 questions. But it is made quite quickly; the majority of answers to questions (the last logic test) should be given based on the first impression. The longest test is Eysenck IQ test, which takes 40 minutes to complete. The entire set of tests should take approximately an hour. The advantage of this test is that not only it gives you the results of your IQ level, but the state of your mental abilities, and capacity of logical and abstract thinking as well.

    Unlike all other IQ tests found on the Internet our test has several advantages. First of all, you can take IQ test free of charge, without any SMS, which means that the results of the test will be available to you right after you are through with its last question. You won't have to register or send any SMS. Secondly, you can take IQ test online, which means that testing is available to you directly from our webpages, and you won't have to download and install any software to your computer to take this test, and you won't have to register at our website. Thirdly, this IQ test is a serious product based on modern proven techniques, and it gives you reliable information regarding your intellect. You can find more detailed information about the contents of the IQ-test set and techniques used in it on the page named Techniques of IQ Test. If you are interested in details regarding intelligence quotient and IQ tests used for its determination, you can go to the History of IQ Tests section.

    IQ-Tests: Assess Yourself

    Some Facts from the History of IQ Testing
    IQ (English Intelligence quotient, abbreviated as IQ) is the rate of mental development, the level of available knowledge and awareness, derived on the basis of various tests.
    The concept of intelligence quotient was mentioned first by the German scientist W. Stern in 1912. The first IQ tests were conducted in 1915. Soon the new method become very popular.
    The Role of Testing in Our Life
    Each of us has mental abilities. But people have different levels of intelligence
    A person with a high iq is a more intelligent one. Intelligence tests often define the tendency of an individual to a particular profession. So they may help to achieve success in life.

    5 Opinions about Intelligence test

    If you doubt, whether to take IQ test or not, it may be a good idea to know what other people who took it in the past think about it. Here you got the comments of 5 people who completed the test and agreed to give their evaluation of the test.
    Jenny, 22
    "I completed IQ test online recently and here's what I have to say. The result was not perfect but my boss has got an even lower score. I always knew that I'm smarter. It's just that now I have an actual proof of that! I wonder- how would he feel shouting at me again after we both know this information?"
    Lisa, 29
    "I've never been really interested in these tests and always thought it is some for-profit